Centrifugal Pre Cleaners

Centrifugal Pre Cleaners

Benefits & Features :

Removes up to 92% of impurities, rain, debris, dust and dirt from intake air before the air - reaches the filter element
Greatly extends filter element life by up to 2-8 times
Reduces engine wear & minimizes costly downtime
Prolongs engine & turbocharger life
Improves fuel economy
Increases engine performance & reduce operating cost
Self powered by the engine's air intake
Virtually requires no maintenance
Treated & powder coated steel housing to endure harshest environments
Works in all weather conditions

Applications :

Construction Equipment Agriculture, Farm Equipment
Mining Equipment Material Handling Equipment
Generators Dump Trucks
Road Maintenance Equipment Buses
Cement Plants Logging and Foresty Equipment
Air Compressors
Equipment operating in extreme & dusty environments

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Sterling India Company
Sterling India Company

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