At Sterling India Company, we give exceptional importance to Quality. Besides choosing products only from reputed manufacturers from around the world, Parts are put through a Three-Stage Quality Control inspection Procedure that ensures maximum parts reliability, while guaranteeing a consistent level of parts quality to our customers.

The first stage inspection is conducted at the point of entry by our experienced technicians. They inspect the parts arriving from different manufactures, to ensure the parts conform to Standard specifications.

The second stage inspection is done at the point of labelling, to ensure the designated part number on the label corresponds to the actual part inside the package.

The third stage is done at the point of packing the shipment. Each individual part is checked against the customer's order for accuracy. The results are simple. "Trustable Parts" to keep your equipment working.

We understand that providing Quality Spare Parts is the first step, the second step is to provide the complete customer service package. This includes the following features.

1) Prompt dispatches & quotations
2) A friendly well trained customer support staff, with more than 4 decades in the heavy equipment industry.
3) One of the largest new replacement parts inventory in India.
4) Tremendous saving without compromising on quality and reliability

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